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Santa's World, Introducing Santa's Elf Series - Video Book


Santa's World, Introducing Santa's Elf Series – Video Book

Santa and Mrs. Claus love to read to children! They love to help them learn to read, and they especially love to help them become responsible and considerate of others.

And now they have created video books to help teach these important lessons. Not only will your children be entertained by Santa and his Mrs. Claus with their stories, but Santa reads his popular and important message for staying on his Nice list!


Beginning with this book, Santa's World, Santa talks about how it would be impossible to do his job without help. More importantly, Santa's World explains the genuine reason why Santa brings gifts. It is because he wants to demonstrate God's love, and remind them of the greatest gift of all time. That is, and always has been, the real reason of Christmas.


Each video book is about a different elf that helps the Clauses up at the North Pole. What each elf does, and how important their role is to getting everything done before Christmas is key. But the story also shows how they cooperate with the other elves, and how together they can accomplish miracles. This is the principle underlying message of each story.

Soft and hardcover versions of the books are also available, so your child can read along with Santa or Mrs. Claus as they read their story.

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