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Santa's World, Introducing Santa's Elf Series - Hardcover

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US School Grade Range: K to 3, Age Range: 4 - 8

First reader, written in rhyme, fully illustrated

Santa's World, Introducing Santa's Elf Series - Autographed Copy

Santa's Message: Be Polite, Say Please & Thank You

What if I told you Santa Claus needed a great deal of help all year? Almost every person has heard the stories and legends about his famous Christmas Eve journeys. But few know about his helpers and what they do all year long. Santa has a great many elves who make the things he accomplishes possible.

Santa, with the help of the North Pole, developed a series to teach young and old alike about some of his best elves. This series explains what they do at the North Pole through rhyme and beautiful illustrations. Beginning with this book, Santa's World, he talks about how it would be impossible to do his job without help.

More importantly, Santa's World explains the genuine reason why Santa brings gifts. It is because he wants to demonstrate God's love, and remind them of the greatest gift of all time. That is, and always has been, the real reason of Christmas.

The author also added a special message from Santa Claus about showing respect by saying please, thank you, and excuse me when interrupting or bumping into someone. Something all children should learn and practice everyday.

Joseph Moore is the author and Mary Moore does all the illustrations. This book is 8 ½ x 11  in full color.


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