The North Pole Presents

Naughty/Nice Basic Program©


The North Pole Naughty/Nice Basic Program 


Basic Program includes one coin, letter and envelope only.

     Every child has their moments. Times when they are uncooperative, not helpful or being just plain naughty. Sometimes they will listen to you, other times not. Well, Santa Claus and Keeney Eagleye are ready to help you take back control.

     Who is Keeney Eagleye? He is Santa's special elf who keeps track of the Naughty and Nice List for Santa. He brings the list each morning with any changes on who is being nice and who is not. And of course, Santa checks it twice (although Keeney is never wrong).

     Has your child slipped up and earned a spot on the naughty list? How would Keeney know for sure? This is where you come in. With a special naughty/nice coin, Keeney can instantly see how children are behaving. If Santa's face is showing, he knows they are being good. If Keeney's face is showing, he knows they are not.

     This custom-made 1 1/2" gold-plated coin comes with a letter from Keeney explaining to children how the coin works. Teachers, clergy, and especially parents, can use this coin all year long. Visiting elves are nice, but they are not around for most of the year. This program works 365 days a year! And it's instant. The coin can be flipped at the outset of problems and get an instant positive response from the child. Have more than one child? You can get additional coins for each boy or girl to call their own (additional cost per coin).

     This program has been tested for years, and it works. Period.

     The best part is you can reinforce the coin with the book about Keeney from Santa's Elf Series©, and even get custom children's apparel with Keeney from North Pole Press that kids will love to wear and will be a subtle reminder that Santa's elf is always watching. Each product sold separately.

     This coin could be the most valuable coin you have ever owned. Try it today.


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