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Keeney Eagleye, Naughty/Nice List Manager - Paperback


US School Grade Range: K to 3rd  Age Range: 4 - 8

First reader, written in rhyme, fully illustrated

Keeney Eagleye, Naughty/Nice Manager - Autographed Copy

Santa's Message: Saying your Prayers

It is time your kids met Keeney Eagleye, Santa's Naughty/Nice List Manager. He is the elf that watches over children year round, and manages all the elves that visit your home around the holidays before Christmas Eve. Santa trusts Keeney to let him know who is being good, and who is not, every day. This book is a key component to our Naughty/Nice program.

Like all of the stories of Santa's Elf Series, the book is written in rhyme as first readers for children. Also each book contains a unique message from Santa Claus on good behavior and how to stay on Santa's Nice List.

Joseph (aka Santa Claus) is the author and Mary Moore (aka Mrs. Claus) does all the illustrations. Each book is 8 ½ x 11 in full color.



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