The North Pole Presents

The Santa Claus Trilogy - Hard Cover


It's a time for magic. It's a time for imagination. And, it's a time for faith, hope and belief. These three books bring all this and more. Remember how you felt about Christmas as a child? What if I told you that you can feel that way again? This trilogy is the doorway to those lost feelings. Reopen the door and Believe Again.

The three books in The Santa Claus Trilogy are:

Believe Again, The North Pole Chronicles, that begins with the history before Santa's first delivery in 1799, and covers the events up to modern day, including handing the reins to his son, Nicholas XI. Believe Again, The North Pole Chronicles is more than a Christmas story. It is an inspirational journey into a magical world of wonder and faith. Learn how Santa came to use reindeer and make them fly and how he visits the entire Christian loving world on Christmas Eve. Explore how the elves of the North Pole came to exist and how they produce so many gifts for the most celebrated gift-giver in history.

Book Two, Faith, Hope and Reindeer is an inspirational story that puts a significant emphasis on the true meaning of Christmas and how the North Pole relates its events to the birth of Jesus. A heartwarming Christian fantasy that will have the reader laughing, crying with joy, and mesmerized in the land of Santa Claus and his helpers.

Glaciers Melt and Mountains Smoke - In the third book of The Santa Claus Trilogy, calamity strikes Santa Claus' beloved world, as it is crashing down around him. The North Pole is melting, and the buildings of his magical workshop are punching through the last remnants of ice, plunging into the Arctic Ocean. Santa also is fighting a cyber-bully who threatens to destroy the goodwill of Santa and the North Pole. Santa has to save the operation and its inhabitants while fending off internet attacks before he loses everything.


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