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Believe Again, The North Pole Chronicles - Paperback

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Believe Again,The North Pole Chronicles - Autographed Copy

1st Book of The Santa Claus Trilogy

This is the first in The Santa Claus Trilogy. It begins with the history before Santa's first delivery in 1799, and covers the time up to modern day, including handing the reins to his son, Nicholas XI. Believe Again, The North Pole Chronicles is more than a Christmas story, it is an inspirational journey into a magical world of wonder and faith. Learn how Santa came to use reindeer and make them fly and how he visits the entire Christian loving world on Christmas Eve. Explore how the elves of the North Pole came to exist and how so many gifts are produced for the most celebrated gift-giver in history.

Santa can stop time, appear, and disappear in your home, and achieve many other miracles. This book explains how. Whether a child, teen, or senior, the whole family will know the truth, understand how it all happens, and Believe Again.

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